WordPress Development

Components of WordPress Development

  • Major Components of WordPress

WordPress development includes three major components: Core, Themes & Plugins. The Core includes the basic functions of WordPress. This can include the Admin dashboard and Username & Password Creation. The Themes component includes the Theme installation, Theme Activation & Appearance Settings. The Plugins component includes search, installation & editing of Plugins.

  • Areas of WordPress Development

The Areas of WordPress Development includes the major components – Core, Themes & Plugins and REST API. In the Core component, WordPress requires developers to code the new versions of WordPress. The developers search the developer code & locate bugs. The bugs are reported to WordPress along with recommendations for fixes.

In the Themes component, development of new Themes is performed by Theme Developers. The Themes are purchased from online marketplaces and installed by buyers. The buyers install the themes on their or their firm’s website. The Plugins component includes development of new plugins. The functions of the plugins can be modification, addition, and removal of features.

REST API is the advanced stage of WordPress development. This area includes creation of True applications. In REST API, true applications are created for Mobile, TV & Social Networks.

WordPress Languages

  • Essential Languages

The basic languages of WordPress Development are HTML & CSS. The website structure is written in HTML language. This language controls Visual & SEO settings of a website. CSS is used to write the website style by changing colour, space & alignment.

Languages of WordPress Development also include PHP, JavaScript & MySQL. PHP is the server language of WordPress Development. The building of WordPress is done in PHP language & a thorough understanding of PHP is achieved by a developer before WordPress Development. JavaScript is used to add Dynamic functions to the website. Tools based on Java include Node and Angular & can control features such as animation, display & form checking. MySQL is used to retrieve data from a Database. In WordPress development, the database is in the form of a table. MySQL optimises a website by adding, modifying or deleting data in database tables.

  • Advanced Tools

The Advanced Tools can be learnt after learning HTML, CSS & PHP. These tools are created out of CSS language & are LESS and SASS. These two Advanced Tools control the functions, variables & constructs in CSS. Other advanced tools are build tools, command line / terminal & Version control. Build tools are used to run & monitor tasks. These tools can perform tasks on achievement of pre-set requirements. Command line tool (on Windows) or Terminal tool (on Mac) is used to enter commands. These commands can perform functions in a shorter period of time. Version control is used to handle bugs & to manage backups in a website project.

These are the components & languages used in WordPress development.